Thursday, 18 December 2008


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

So I'm Alan and I've just finished writing a book about digimodernism for Continuum in New York. It'll be published in the States in May 2009 and in Britain in July.

What is digimodernism?

In a sentence, it's the cultural effects of new technologies. It's the impact of computerization on texts and the arts. It's a whole new cultural paradigm, the successor to postmodernism which bit the dust around the turn of the millennium.

In this blog I'm going to be recording my thoughts on the subject of digimodernism from here to publication day and beyond. I sent off the manuscript to my editor David Barker on Monday, but don't yet know what he makes of it (it'll be a blow if he hates it!).

Digimodernism is the revised name for what used to be called pseudo-modernism. You can google that term if you want to know more. Or just keep reading this blog...

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