Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Developments, developments

Wow! Great excitement (for me anyway). It isn't just that Digimodernism is now available to pre-order on Amazon at a very reasonable price (but I would say that). If you've published twenty books you're going to have to bear with me - this is my first, and there's nothing so sweet, they say, as your first time.

Also my website, www.alanfkirby.com is nearly up and running (give it a go). My ace IT specialist nephew Mark is the genius behind this.

And also my editor David Barker declares himself "very happy" with the manuscript and has ruled out any major rewrites (phew!). It's going to go now to the various copy-editors etc who guide things through from here.

And the Tate Britain wants to reprint my original article "The Death of Postmodernism and Beyond" in a book it's bringing out to coincide with an exhibition they're running from 3rd February called Altermodern. The curator Nicolas Bourriaud feels, like me, that postmodernism has had its day, and is exploring what lies beyond it. I really want to go and see the exhibition when it opens. There's a symposium in March on related issues. See http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/tatetriennial/default.shtm

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