Monday, 23 February 2009

It's on its way...

Update on the book's production: it's gone off now for copy-editing. I don't know really what that entails (!) but I suspect that at some point I'm going to get an email asking me to check certain things in the manuscript or to agree to certain changes. I remember Henry James on accepting a magazine's editor's request to remove two words from a story he had written. He sent the proofs back with a note saying "Yours is a butcher's trade"!

And we're looking for famous people to endorse the book. If you'd like to put your name forward please leave details below! "Famous" here is a very relative word of course. I'm not expecting Brad Pitt to throw his weight behind digimodernism as our new cultural paradigm, but someone heard of by academics in, say, three countries would be fantastic. Having said that, one of Continuum's 33 1/3 books on rock albums was favourably namechecked by James Franco, the Spider-Man actor, on the red carpet before the Oscars last night. Maybe next year The Hobbit will sweep the Academy Awards and its director will approve my stance on contemporary culture having become aware of my praise for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings...? More unlikely things have (very seldom) happened!

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