Monday, 30 March 2009

The credit crunch/recession as the end of postmodernism?

Andre Glucksman has an article about how the current financial and economic meltdown represents the end of postmodern economics.

Fascinating. When I started thinking about these things in 2006 it was texts that seemed to offer signs of the move beyond postmodernism. Three years later there seems to be something equivalent going on in the political, social and economic sphere.

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  1. Thanks Alan for taking a look at my blog: Our World Interwoven. Yes I have no shame, and concurrently not many viewers yet. Somehow, I would gladly get a hold of your book in the future, as I believe it will help my plans for world domination, which really is just another prank I want to play.

    Funny, the prior post, looking for fiction as this, digimodernism. I wont comment before I've read your work, but just for your information, I've attemped a couple of blogs before this: Our World Interwoven. Each past blog has been a test run for some virtual illusion that employs textual interlinking of a kind like hands clicking and eyes grinding and oh yeas and bed sheets; all interlinking meant to lead the reader on to other thoughts and other dialog which will lead the conversation away from an actual relationship with that mate.

    Without reading your book I'm gonna read into your idea a thought about Borges who was to write a blog pretending to be Baudrillard who then posited his "science fiction" that he pretends to be a philosophical assessment. That may be the fiction your pondering about, and I hope that you find some of that soon! Everyone should read Postman's chapter... Now this! But they should know the book first. I hope this is helpful, and come back often, as I'll check yours when I can. Let me now about obtaining that book.